Is Gajar Ka Halwa With Sugar Good For Weight Loss?

Is gajar ka halwa with the addition of sugar good for weight loss? Let’s take a look at the recipe, nutritional value, and health benefits of this Indian sweet. Cardamom, a spice found in the traditional dish of north India, provides the sweet taste that is a staple in many Indian households. Milk is a rich source of protein and calcium, and both mawa and sugar are natural sugar substitutes.


When you’re looking for a sweet dish to satisfy your craving for something sweet, try this delicious, weight-loss recipe for gajar ka halwa. This rich, sugary dessert is filled with anti-aging ingredients, including fried carrots. This recipe also contains cardamom power, which aids digestion and gives it a pleasant aroma. While gajar halwa contains a lot of calories, it’s still worth a try.

For this low-calorie dessert, you’ll need to grate about 500 grams of carrots. A food processor will work best, but grating them by hand will require a decent amount of arm strength. Also, make sure to use small carrots, as larger ones tend to get tough and woody. Stirring the mixture regularly will require a little extra attention, so be prepared to give it a bit of work.

Grate about four to five carrots. This will yield approximately four to five cups of grated carrots. You can also use the whole can of milkmaid or 400 grams of sweetened condensed milk. If you prefer a less-sweet version, use 1.5 to two teaspoons of cardamom powder. If you want to make it in a hurry, you can use a food processor to quickly grate the carrots.

In India, gajar ka halwa is widely popular and a staple dessert. It’s typically prepared during the winter months when the carrots are in plentiful supply. It’s also served as part of a Thali or buffet. As a result, it’s an absolute winner! In the end, you’ll find yourself drooling over a delicious dessert!

Nutritional value

You can lose weight by eating a small amount of ghee and gajar ka halwa. The ingredients for this weight loss halwa include grated carrot, milk, dates, and cardamom powder. To add flavor, you can also add a few almonds or walnuts. Once the ingredients are combined, you can stir and cook on a low flame for around 15 minutes, depending on your preference. You can serve this delicious halwa warm or chilled.

Ghee is a good source of fat. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that help support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. It’s not just good for weight loss, but it also tastes great and helps your health. You can replace sugar in this recipe with jaggery, if desired. Dry fruits like dates and bottle gourd also add healthy nutrition to the dish.

Ghee is a healthy alternative to refined sugar. You can use one or two dates to make this dessert. Once you’ve prepared the halwa, you can add chopped carrot, ghee, and raisins to your taste. If you’d like to add a little more flavor, you can add half a teaspoon of cardamom powder or even a tablespoon. You can serve this delicious dessert cold or hot, or keep it refrigerated for 8-10 days.

Sugar in a recipe can negatively affect the coagulation of proteins. When you add sugar to a cake recipe, it makes the connections between the proteins weaker, leading to a crumblier crumb. Excess sugar in a cake’s recipe can undermine the structure of the cake and cause it to collapse. Therefore, a calorie-free version of gajar ka halwa can be a healthy and tasty option for weight loss.

Health benefits

The low-calorie content of this recipe makes it a great choice for weight loss. In addition to being delicious and satisfying, it can help you get rid of stubborn belly fat fast. To make it, start by blending together 3/4 cup milk, carrots, dates, and saffron. Then add the remaining 1/4 cup milk and the cardamom powder. Sprinkle on a bit of walnuts or almonds, and cook the mixture on medium heat for 4-5 minutes.

Another healthy ingredient in this dessert is milk, which provides calcium and protein. Home-made mawa is more brown than white, but both provide important nutrients. You can also use pure ghee in this recipe, which comes from full-cream milk. This way, you will be able to make the sweet without worrying about it being too sweet. You can also add nuts to your gajar ka halwa for a bit of extra nutrition.

Another healthy ingredient in gajar ka halwa is carrots. Carrots are a wonderful winter food and help with weight loss. Additionally, carrots help control cholesterol and improve your skin. You can even make it healthier by substituting sugar with jaggery. The sugar in gajar ka halwa is largely unnecessary and is an easy recipe to make.

If you are wondering whether gajar ka halwa with sugar can help you lose weight, try it out! One hundred grams of gajar halwa with sugar will have about three hundred calories per serving. A typical serving will contain about half of your daily calorie intake. Just be sure to watch how much you eat. You’ll be glad you did! And remember, it is a delicious way to burn off your extra calories.


Eat more of a calorie-dense fruit such as apricots, blueberries, or peaches. The high-calorie fruit has anti-aging properties, and the fried carrots add more nutrients to the dish. Also, the cardamom power in gajar ka halwa with sugar is beneficial for weight loss, as it aids digestion.

If you are looking for a weight-loss halwa recipe, consider using carrots, almonds, or dates. Use no more than 3/4 cup of sugar and add any other dried fruit, like pistachios, to taste. Roasted almonds and pistachios are also good choices. You can add a few raisins if desired.

This delicious dessert is a popular wintertime treat in India. It can be enjoyed warm or chilled with ice cream. You can prepare it in your Instant Pot in 30 minutes and enjoy it for hours. You can even eat it with a glass of milk or ice cream. Either way, this traditional Indian dessert is a must-try for any occasion!

The amount of sugar used in halwa can vary. You can make a low-sugar version using a can of milkmaid or 400 grams of sweetened condensed milk. You can also make a vegan version by substituting khoya for sugar. If you are not a vegan, you can use almond milk or unsalted vegan butter instead of sugar.

Adding sugar to halwa increases likelihood of weight gain

Adding sugar to gajar ka phalwa can have negative consequences on your health. This sweet dish is loaded with fat, so be sure to limit it to small amounts. Instead, consider using ghee, which is high in monounsaturated fatty acids and supports a healthy cardiovascular system and heart. Not only does ghee enhance the flavor of the halwa, it also has health benefits.

Another common mistake in making gajar ka halwa is putting too much sugar in it. While it may be delicious, it increases your risk of weight gain. Adding sugar to gajar ka halwa increases its calorie content and can lead to weight gain. But if you are aiming to lose weight, this dessert is a healthy option. This delicious treat has several nutrients and is rich in vitamins.

Carrots are an extremely nutritious vegetable and are grown in winter. The carrots in gajar ka halwa add vitamins, fibre, and minerals to the dish. Carrots also boost your immune system and help you fight off winter aches and pains. Additionally, they improve digestion and boost the immune system. This delicious winter treat can help reduce the risk of upper chest infection, a common cold during winter.

In addition to reducing the amount of milk in gajar ka halwa, avoid adding too much sugar. Sugar is a major caloric and energy-dense food. If it contains a lot of sugar, you will gain weight. Adding sugar to gajar ka halwa increases the risk of weight gain. It is also not recommended for those with diabetes.